15. Are there other frameworks available for associations?

The IT Guidance Framework is the first and only IT Framework created specifically for associations.

Corporate-based frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, and others have been used successfully for years in the Fortune 1000 corporate world, providing best-practice procedures for selecting and implementing large, complex, enterprise level systems. These frameworks are typically too vast for most associations to utilize without hiring systems professionals who already have experience using them.

Until now, IT frameworks have not been available to associations for AMS, LMS, or Website implementations. ISCG developed the ground-breaking IT Guidance Framework to help associations that have no prior experience using a framework. The IT Guidance Framework provides sound governance mechanisms and addresses vital issues such as risk mitigation, business process transformation, project management, acceptance testing, resource allocation, and go-live readiness assessment for association-specific IT systems. The Framework includes content specific to associations, whereas the corporate-based frameworks are generic in nature.


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