13. Why did ISCG develop the IT Guidance Framework?

We believe associations should not have to go into an AMS, LMS, or Website project without having a proactive risk mitigation plan, where all the looming risks are identified up front before they become a crisis.

We believe associations should be aware of all the best practices to follow when selecting and implementing a new AMS, LMS, or Website.

We believe associations should know how to go about analyzing existing business processes so that effective changes can be made that will improve customer service, productivity, marketing and revenue opportunities, while minimizing customizations and maximizing the use of baseline software.

We believe the high rate of dissatisfaction with AMS, LMS, and Website implementations mandates a different approach to the evaluation, selection, and implementation process.  We believe that using a comprehensive IT Framework to guide the process improves your chances of being on time, on budget, and on target in achieving the value and vision you set out to accomplish.

We believe associations should be guided by expert advice applied in a consistent manner so that they achieve the return on investment they had planned.

We believe associations should be able to control the consulting cost by deciding which tasks they can do on their own and which are best performed by a consultant.  We believe associations should have a library of forms and templates, along with instructions and step-by-step guidance, for the tasks they decide to do on their own.

We believe associations should have the same benefits the large, industrial strength IT frameworks offer to the corporate world, without the heavy investment or learning curve mandated by those frameworks.


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