3. What are the primary benefits of the Framework?

  • The Framework provides a detailed guide and best practice roadmap that associations can follow to ensure that all the proper steps are taken to successfully select and implement a new AMS, LMS, or Website.

It protects your investment in the new system.

  • The Framework has a step-by-step methodology for how to identify and implement business process change as an integral part of selecting and implementing a new system.

It helps you achieve the value you envisioned for the new system (and helps you avoid simply automating your tired old business processes on a new platform).

  • The Framework identifies common risks inherent in selecting and implementing a new AMS, LMS, or Website, along with a specific strategy for mitigating each risk.

It helps you stay out of trouble by giving you a plan to avoid the problems that often derail a complex technology project.

  • The Framework’s business process change components create a foundation for a continued life-cycle approach adaptable for all of your organization’s systems.

It provides an actionable roadmap enabling IT sponsored business process improvement to live beyond the life of your AMS, LMS, and Website implementation efforts.

  • The Framework empowers your internal project manager with a valuable knowledge base, supported by a large library of forms, templates, and tools, that can be used to manage any future IT implementation project.

It helps ensure that all current and future IT projects are carried out in the same consistent, professional manner.

  • The Framework provides an objective way of measuring alternative vendors against your requirements and decision criteria.

It helps ensure that the final vendor decision is made for the right reasons, and that the vendor selected is the most appropriate for the job.

  • The Framework gathers all the information needed to support a solid contract for a new AMS, LMS, or Website.

The Framework, along with ISCG’s expert guidance, helps protect your interests in the contract.

  • The Framework provides the tools and guidance necessary to allow each association to decide which tasks should be done by ISCG, and which can be done by the association’s own staff.

It allows you to maximize the return on investment in consulting fees by having the consultant address only the most critical tasks for which internal staff may not have the time or expertise to perform on their own.


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