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You can rest assured that the advice you receive from ISCG is objective and unencumbered by any conflicts of interest. We have no relationships with software vendors that would compromise our objectivity. We do not accept commissions or fees from vendors, we have no investments in any vendor’s business, we do not offer our services to software vendors, nor do we accept lead referral fees from vendors. Our only agenda is to provide recommendations and guidance that we genuinely believe are in the best interests of our clients.

Consulting Services:


The two options shown under “Consulting Services” in the above chart allow each client to select the role ISCG should play on a task-by-task basis. You can decide whether you want us to provide oversight and mentoring services, or perform the detailed work, for each task as the project progresses, changing the course of our involvement as you deem necessary.

Option A: ISCG provides project management guidance using the Framework, while the detailed work on a given task is performed by your internal project manager, IT and business stakeholders.

Option B: ISCG is more deeply involved and performs the detailed work needed to complete each task.

Option A provides reduced consulting fees, while still retaining ISCG’s expert advice for project management and guidance. For example, a client may select Option A for viewing vendor demos (if the client feels ISCG’s presence is not needed), and Option B for developing business process workflow diagrams or conducting a needs assessment.

ISCG professional consultants, along with the IT Guidance Framework, provide a detailed set of best practices for all tasks that should be conducted during your project, strengthening your effectiveness in decision making, resource assignments, risk assessment and mitigation, strategic planning, and overall value evaluation as it relates to your return-on-investment (ROI).

ISCG Consulting Services:


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