16. Do the templates contain actionable content?

Are the Framework’s templates simply blank forms, or do they contain actionable content that we can use?

The Framework includes over 100 forms, templates, and tools you will need to accomplish the best practice tasks. Many of the templates include comprehensive content, allowing you to jump-start the process so that it does not have to be created from scratch. All of the content can be easily tailored to the specific needs of each association.

For example, the Framework’s RFP contains hundreds of requirements that are specific to the needs of both trade associations and professional societies; the Demo Scripts contain sample business cases and scenarios for each department in an association, along with instructions to the vendors on how to construct their demonstrations to address each scenario; a Due Diligence Guide contains a checklist of the due diligence activities that should be performed before a final decision is made on which vendor will provide your new AMS, LMS, or Website; PowerPoint Presentation Templates contain guidance and instructions to kickoff various phases of the project, explaining what is expected of staff and when their involvement will be needed. PowerPoint presentations include talking points for each slide.

The above are examples of only “some” of the templates included in the Framework. The real value in the templates lies in the deep association-specific content they provide. Every template includes instructions on how and when it should be used. Each can be customized, either by your own staff or by ISCG, in order to address your unique requirements.


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