11. Why do we need a Framework?

Shouldn’t engaging a consultant get us the same result?

Consulting is our business, so naturally we believe there are many benefits an objective, independent consultant brings to the table. However, there are problems relying on consultants as your sole solution. When the consultant’s work is done, much of the knowledge they gained about your business goes with them, leaving your staff unable to fully leverage the efforts they provided. It is difficult to replicate the consultant’s methodology on future projects without re-engaging the consultant, requiring another investment in consulting fees.

We believe the real value provided by a consultant lies in leading you through the use of the Framework, and using the Framework’s tools and guidance to achieve a successful project outcome. But you cannot expect to replace the Framework with a consultant – you would not get the depth or breadth of guidance that the Framework provides without a significant investment in consulting fees.

The Framework provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over 32 years working on association IT implementations. You can choose to use that knowledge base and undertake certain tasks yourself, and have ISCG perform other tasks that you do not have time to do on your own. This allows you to make much better use of the consultant’s time, since your investment in consulting fees can be limited to those areas that give you the best return.

The Framework ensures that all of the best practices are followed in a consistent manner, and that nothing gets overlooked. The Framework is a valuable project management tool that can be used to guide any IT project, not just your current AMS, LMS, or Website initiative.


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