IT Guidance Framework

When  you are asked how your AMS / LMS / Website implementation went…

What story will you be able to tell?

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  1. What exactly IS the Framework?
  2. How does the Framework benefit senior management?
  3. What are the primary benefits of the Framework?
  4. What technology was used to develop the Framework?
  5. Who developed the Framework?
  6. What background & skillset is needed to use the Framework?
  7. Does every association utilize the entire Framework?
  8. Does our staff have to become experts on the Framework?
  9. What if we don’t have time to use the Framework on our own?
  10. Is the Framework designed for small or large associations?
  11. Why do we need a Framework? Shouldn’t engaging a consultant get us the same result?
  12. If we use the Framework, what is ISCG’s role in the project?
  13. Why did ISCG develop the IT Guidance Framework?
  14. We have already made a decision on a vendor. Is the Framework overkill if we are only seeking help with the implementation?
  15. Are there other frameworks available for associations?
  16. Are the Framework’s templates simply blank forms, or do they contain actionable content that we can use?
  17. We are looking for a consultant with expertise on various vendor systems. We want help in setting realistic staff expectations on whether our unique requirements can be accommodated by baseline software. How will this type of guidance be provided by the Framework?
  18. The vendor provides their own set of documents and forms to use during the implementation. Is the ISCG Framework competitive with what the vendor provides?
  19. Is the Framework intended to replace the need for an experienced consultant?
  20. We have not yet decided whether we should invest in a new system. Can the Framework help us with an assessment of our current technology environment and strategic plan for the future?

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