Assumption that Vendor will Manage Entire Project

Assumption that the AMS/LMS/Website vendor will manage all aspects of your project

The vendor’s project manager oversees the tasks that are their responsibilities or affect their performance under the contract. But when it comes to tracking tasks and open issues that are outside the vendor’s purview, such as communicating with your stakeholders, executing your business process change initiatives, following up on policy changes that may affect the software design, establishing your strategy for acceptance testing and training, preparing your data for conversion, planning for go-live cutover, and navigating through a myriad of other critical tasks… you and your staff must lead the project management effort.

A problem-ridden project could be the fault of the vendor, but usually it is the result of poor project management on the client’s part, coupled with a lack of communication. With so many details to manage, and so many ways to handle different aspects of the project, it can be difficult to know which road to take, or what to do next. You may not even know you are on the wrong road until it’s too late.

The budget & timeline have been exceeded. Open issues have fallen through the cracks. There are so may problems, no one has a grasp of which ones should be solved first. Everyone is operating in reactive mode. The Board is asking who is responsible for the delays and cost overruns.

There is a way to avoid this type of disaster…

The Framework guides you step-by-step through the best practices of an AMS, LMS, and Website implementation. It helps you develop a realistic Project Plan and tells you all the tasks you need to complete so that your project stays on track. You can avoid misunderstandings by using the templates to assign roles & responsibilities to all project participants up front. You can use the Communication Plan and Status Reporting templates to keep everyone informed of progress, as well as action plans for their upcoming tasks. Dozens of other templates will keep you on track, providing the guidance you need from start to finish.

If you want to ensure that your AMS, LMS, or Website project is successful, you must take responsibility for the project management functions. Relying solely on your vendor is a high-risk approach. The Framework, combined with ISCG’s professional guidance and oversight, shows you the way and provides the tools you need to achieve your vision for your new system.


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