Software & Integration Problems

Problems with the software & integrations are not uncovered until after go-live

Despite what appears to be an easy way to avoid this risk (test the system prior to live launch), many AMS, LMS, and Websites go live before they are ready. Problems found after go-live can threaten your cash flow, customer service, productivity, reputation, and staff morale. If you flip the switch too soon, deficiencies found in the system or staff’s knowledge of how to accomplish their business processes cause everyone to operate in crisis mode, thereby putting your business at risk. Simply instructing staff to test the system prior to go-live, or relying on the vendor to do it for you, is a simplistic answer that is unlikely to keep you out of trouble. You have to look no further than the website to see the disastrous impact of going live on a new untested system prematurely.

How to ensure you are ready to go-live on your new AMS, LMS, or Website

Although your vendor should test their configurations prior to delivery, it is your responsibility to conduct thorough acceptance testing prior to go-live. The Framework methodically walks you through creating a comprehensive test plan that covers nine different types of tests, from unit testing the functions in a business process, to workflow and integration testing, usability testing, performance/load testing, data conversion reconciliation, security and penetration testing, and more. The Framework also guides staff on how to create detailed test scripts and how to document the expected results before testing begins. Templates and step-by-step instructions are provided for conducting acceptance tests and recording the results. Charts tracking the progress of the testing effort, showing the number of test scripts that passed and failed, are provided so that you can include them in your regular project status reports.

Risks3Although comprehensive acceptance testing is a vital part of the solution, it is not the only part. A thorough Readiness Assessment is imperative prior to live launch of a new AMS, LMS, or Website. The Framework includes a Readiness Assessment template that evaluates 60+ readiness factors within seven major categories, including product readiness, staff readiness, data/content readiness, infrastructure, support team, and more. By using the assessment templates in the Framework along with guidance from ISCG, most clients are able to conduct a series of readiness assessments on their own. Readiness factors are evaluated using a stoplight metaphor, allowing senior management to understand the results at a glance, and to analyze the organizational impact and risks involved in authorizing a final go‑live decision. The results of the Readiness Assessment facilitate action plans that focus on those areas identified as not ready so that the proper adjustments to your project can be made prior to go-live.

The Business Impact of WHEN problems are found

in your new AMS, LMS, or Website system


The Framework’s Readiness Assessment helps you evaluate the factors that executive leadership needs to know before making the decision to go live. If the key factors show a green light, you can go live with confidence that your staff and new system are truly ready. If the key factors show yellow or red, you will be armed with documented knowledge as to what risks may occur upon go-live. The Framework’s Readiness Assessment is a critical component in your risk mitigation strategy.


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