More Risks

The risks examined on this site are only examples. They are just a fraction of the risks identified in the Framework’s Risk Register. The Risk Register identifies more than 90 common risks inherent in implementing an AMS, LMS, or Website.  The Risk Register and Framework guide you through best practice strategies for addressing problems before they occur.

Reviewing the Risk Register and assessing which risks need to be addressed is one of the first tasks the Framework leads you through. The Risk Register suggests which risks are the most urgent to address based on the probability of it occurring, as well as the business impact if it does occur. Additional risks, beyond the ones already identified in the Risk Register, can be added based on each association’s individual circumstances.

In addition to identifying potential risks up front, the Risk Register also helps you determine a strategy for mitigating or avoiding each risk. Each risk is cross referenced to specific components of the Framework, where instructions are found on how to use the Framework’s templates and step-by-step guidance to make sure your risk mitigation plan keeps you on course.

The Risk Register is used throughout the implementation, as a vital resource and reminder of the action plan for mitigating risks before they impact the success of your project.


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