Budget & Timeline Expectations Not Met

Budget overruns and timeline delays are symptoms of larger problems that cause…

… the Board to ask “what happened”
… project managers to operate in reactive mode
… staff to take on additional stress
… management to scramble for answers
… finger-pointing to run rampant

The Framework helps you stay on track by addressing the root causes of budget overruns and timeline delays up front, before they occur.

Listed below are examples of why AMS/LMS/Website projects go over budget, timeline, or both. Learn how the Framework can help you avoid these problems.

Root Cause #1:   Budget & timeline promises made before all the facts are in hand

Root Cause #2:   Inaccurate price quote due to lack of detail in the RFP

Root Cause #3:   Business process changes not identified prior to implementation

Root Cause #4:   Scope of integrations not adequately defined up front

Root Cause #5:   Lack of detailed project plan

Root Cause #6:   No accurate estimate of the client resources needed for the project

Root Cause #7:   Approval of unnecessary customizations; inadequate cost/benefit analysis

Root Cause #8:   Scope creep during testing and training

Root Cause #9:   Data conversion specs not adequately defined

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