Why is ISCG’s Approach to Business Process Transformation so valuable?

A well-defined plan for Business Process Change will help you achieve the value and vision you expect from your new AMS, LMS, and Website systems. Our approach focuses on improvements that go far beyond simple “tweaking” that is so common amongst typical business process improvement initiatives. We guide your organization to where you need to go by providing a road map for change that will achieve tangible value for the future.

Summary of Benefits:

BPC5Consensus-based ideas for improvement are developed based upon staff & leadership’s strategic future vision

BPC5Return-On-Investment (ROI) of your systems is maximized by making Business Process Change an integral part of the selection and implementation

BPC5Mission-critical AS-IS / TO-BE workflow diagrams are developed organically from staff’s suggested improvement ideas

BPC5Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) workflow documentation is developed for critical business processes

BPC5The foundation for a continual “Life-Cycle” approach to change is established

BPC5Reusable Business Process Inventories are developed that will support your ongoing business process improvement initiatives


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