How do you Accomplish a Business Process Change Initiative?

ISCG and the IT Guidance Framework lead you step-by-step through a proven methodology that integrates business process change into the selection and implementation of a new system. But Business Process Improvement should not be a one-time undertaking. Our methodology enables IT sponsored business process improvement to live beyond the life of your initial system implementation effort. It helps you create a foundation for continuous improvement that is adaptable to all of your organization’s systems .


We start by identifying business processes that are “ripe for change.” These are processes that are the most problematic, where opportunities exist to improve customer service, productivity, revenue, and your effectiveness in conducting business. After analyzing the potential benefits and ROI of making various process changes, we work collaboratively with staff to develop workflow diagrams that document your current state (AS-IS), your desired state (TO-BE), and the proposed changes. We are partners with your staff throughout this crucial process, providing guidance, expertise and experience to formulate creative, consensus-driven ideas for business process change.

The workflow diagrams become a vital component in your RFP, allowing prospective vendors to understand your expectations for the functions a new system should provide. They help you evaluate which system can best support your desired state, and play an important role in facilitating vendor demonstrations. The diagrams are also used during the implementation process, first during vendor discovery where refinements are made based on the specific capabilities of your selected system, and then subsequently to guide the development of your acceptance testing plan.

The workflow diagrams become important institutional knowledge, providing a guide for new staff on your operations, and also supporting your ongoing business process improvement efforts.


Workflow diagrams are a collaborative effort by ISCG and staff. The diagrams highlight improvements from the current process. The colored swimlanes show the flow of information between departments, constituents, systems, and integrations with third party applications.


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