Implementation Assistance

Implementing a new AMS, LMS, or Website is fraught with risks. Very few systems launch on time, on budget, and achieve the value and vision that leadership set out to accomplish. In addition to selecting the right vendor partner, we believe it takes all three legs of the stool to be successful.

ISCG Professional Services: We are your advocate throughout the implementation, guiding the process, verifying that the right actions are being taken by the right parties every step of the way. We help make sure that the project plan covers all the activities that need to be accomplished by you and your vendor, and that the schedule is realistic based on the resources devoted to the project. Regular status reporting keeps management and staff aware of progress made, action plans going forward, as well as resource and budget issues that may affect the project. We emphasize business process change during the discovery and design phase, so that you do not end up simply automating your old inefficient processes on a new platform, or over-customizing the new system.

IT Guidance Framework: The Framework provides the tools and direction necessary to successfully transform your organization’s business as part of the implementation of your new system. A Risk Management emphasis is embedded into the Implementation Process in order to help you navigate through looming risks that are common in most AMS, LMS, and Website implementations. The Framework empowers your project manager and facilitates “ownership” of the project by staff rather than by an IT person or department.

The Framework provides best practice step-by-step guidance that leads you through the following major implementation activities:

  • Development of an Implementation Strategy and Project Plan
  • Staff Time Commitment & Resource Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor’s Discovery Process
  • Business Process Change
  • Change Management
  • Data Ownership
  • Data Conversion
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Documentation & SOP Development
  • Go-Live Readiness Assessment
  • Go-Live Rollout Plan

Your Commitment: A successful implementation cannot be achieved by ISCG and the Framework alone. It takes a commitment of time and effort by management and staff at all levels. We help you gauge the time commitment required from each department, and when their involvement in project activities will be needed. As various phases of the project begin, kickoff presentations explain exactly what is needed from staff. The Framework explains the conditions under which staff should provide approvals, such as approval of the design specifications, acceptance testing, data conversion, go-live readiness assessment, etc. With the right executive leadership, a commitment of staff time to the project, and following the guidance provided by ISCG and the Framework, you can achieve an on-time, on-budget, and on-vision rollout of your new system.


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