Contract Negotiation

Services10ISCG has negotiated hundreds of software acquisition contracts. We know the business terms that are typically absent from vendor boilerplate contracts. We believe that the contract should provide much more than legal protection. It should set forth the project management methodologies that you and the vendor will follow during the implementation, the responsibilities of both parties in order to achieve a successful outcome, and the milestones that need to be successfully accomplished in order to trigger progress payments to the vendor.

Working closely with your attorney and executive sponsor, we begin by drafting a list of critical issues for initial discussion with your vendor. We then prepare a redlined draft of the agreement, adding and changing provisions in order to protect your interests. We are your advocate as we lead the negotiations with your vendor and help achieve a fair and balanced agreement for both parties.

The IT Guidance Framework helps gather the information you will need to support a solid contract for a new AMS, LMS, or Website. Many questions contained in the Framework’s RFQ, RFP, and other vendor correspondence are designed to solicit information that will become important parts of your contract and will simplify the negotiation process.


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