Not enough client resources devoted to the project

No accurate estimate of the staff time commitment necessary to achieve a successful go-live; not enough client resources devoted to the project based on the allotted timeline

You have been given a detailed project plan that outlines all the tasks your staff must perform on the project. Is the time allotted for these tasks realistic based on your available resources and the time staff must spend doing their normal jobs? Most project plans are developed (and then promised to the Board) without any real way of measuring the answer to the foregoing question. It is only when the promised timelines are missed that management realizes that the project plan was unrealistic from the start.

The Framework’s Staff Time Commitment Estimator tells you if staff’s total available work hours allow for the tasks in the project plan to be completed within the allotted timeframe. As you adjust the begin and end dates in the project plan, the Staff Time Commitment Estimator can be re-run to tell you if you now have a more realistic timeline. See “Underestimating the time commitment needed from staff” for additional information on the importance of accurately projecting the time staff must devote to an AMS, LMS, or Website project.


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