Lack of detailed project plan

Lack of detailed project plan that considers all of the tasks both the client & vendor must perform

The accuracy of your timeline estimate is only as good as the project plan that supports it. Many association executives are unknowingly setup from the beginning to miss the timeline commitment due to having an incomplete project plan. It is not uncommon for a vendor’s project plan to do a great job on the tasks that involve the vendor, but they oftentimes overlook the planning, preparation, and other tasks that are the client’s responsibility. The Framework’s Project Plan covers both the evaluation/selection process as well as the implementation. The plan includes all of the tasks that require action by your staff that are often omitted in the project plans prepared by vendors. By combining the Framework’s Project Plan with your vendor’s, you end up with a much more accurate timeline projection.

In addition, the Framework’s Staff Time Commitment Estimator will tell you the percentage of staff’s total available work hours that must be devoted to various phases of the project. If the estimator shows that existing staff resources will be stretched too thin, then a decision can be made to either bring in additional resources or expand the timeline. Without using this vital Framework tool, you risk committing to an unrealistic project plan.


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