Scope of integrations not adequately defined up front

Scope of integrations between new system and 3rd party applications not adequately defined up front

The integration requirements between your new AMS, LMS, or Website and 3rd party applications should be defined in the RFP. Although no one can map specific fields and write the Web service specifications until the exact vendors have been determined, you can, and should, define how the integrations are expected to work. For example, should the integration be real-time or batch update? If Single Sign-On (SSO) is needed, which system will conduct the login authentication? What type of information will be exchanged, and which system will be used as the system-of-record? The Framework’s Integration Inventory allows this information to be documented and communicated to the vendor as part of the RFP. Without this information, the vendor’s price quote and timeline estimate can only be an uneducated guess.


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