Our Team

All of ISCG’s resources are seasoned professionals, senior-level people with extensive association experience. We do not employ junior-level consultants. Our background as a former system developer and implementer gives us a unique perspective and detailed orientation that is not common amongst many consulting firms.

We have assisted all sizes and types of associations nationwide and have local resources in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Our Qualifications

BPC5IT Guidance Framework. ISCG is the first and only consulting firm to offer a comprehensive Framework to guide the planning, evaluation, selection, and implementation of an AMS, LMS, and Website system.

BPC5Leading, knowledgeable authority providing IT sponsored Business Process Transformation guidance to many world-class associations.

BPC530+ year successful track record of helping associations with technology implementations.

BPC5Experience negotiating hundreds of association system acquisition contracts.

BPC5Actual, practical experience designing, developing, and implementing technology systems for associations. Strong background in accounting and financial management.

BPC5High-level senior professionals (no junior-level staff).

BPC5Objective, unbiased advice with only one agenda in mind: to share our expertise in the best interests of our clients. ISCG is not affiliated with any hardware or software vendors.

BPC5Solid reputation for integrity and commitment to customer relationships.

Meet ISCG’s Owners


Jim Friedman and Dave Laatz are well-known authorities on the application and implementation of technology systems for associations. They have been providing technology services to associations for more than 30 years.

Jim and Dave co-founded a successful association software development company in 1982 and authored an AMS and Financial Management System that was used by over 100 mid-large associations across the country. They built their software firm to a staff of 50 and sold it to a Fortune-500 company in 1991 (Moore Business Forms), after which they continued to run the company for the next several years.

Jim and Dave founded their consulting practice in 1995 and have not represented any software, hardware, or vendors since that time. They offer a unique combination of experience as software authors and implementers, along with many years of experience helping associations with technology audits and strategic planning, needs assessments, business process analysis, RFPs, evaluation and planning of eBusiness solutions, database migrations, and other technology-related services.

Jim and Dave have helped hundreds of associations maximize delivery of business value through IT driven business process change. They codified their unique methodology as a core part of their groundbreaking Project Governance Framework, which guides associations on how to integrate business process change as a life-cycle approach to assessing, selecting, and implementing new technology systems.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned for high integrity, objectivity, and expertise in the association marketplace. Fiercely committed to remaining independent, we have no relationships of any kind that would create a conflict of interest or compromise our objectivity. Our only source of income is from client consulting engagements. We do not accept commissions or fees from vendors, we have no investments in any vendor’s business, nor do we offer our services to any software vendors.


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