Our History

ISCG provides objective technology consulting services exclusively to associations. We have served the association marketplace exclusively for over 30 years. This includes independent consulting services (since 1995), and 13 years as an author and implementer of our own AMS (1982-1995). We understand the pitfalls of why system implementations fail, both from a vendor and client perspective. We know what both parties must do in order to successfully work through a complex project. Our in-depth experience and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to successfully launch a new AMS, LMS, and Website are the foundation behind the Project Governance Framework.

We started our consulting practice in 1995 and have not represented any software, hardware, or vendors since that time. We founded a software company (DMG) in 1982 and authored a complete AMS and financial system for mid-large associations. Our software company was quite successful, culminating in an acquisition by a Fortune-500 company in 1991 (Moore Business Forms). We continued to run our 50-person firm until 1995, at which time we severed all ties to our former company and founded our consulting practice.


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